Monday, January 29, 2018

Gala Honorary Chairman, MAXWELL

THANK YOU for a spectacular evening as we recognized and celebrated our beautiful children. We shared with the world what we can do to help ensure their futures. Use #CARESGala18 online to see more of the magic, or visit


Deepening our commitment to healing young lives and understanding that group-mentoring is a low-cost way to change the predictable futures of the most defenseless children in America--impoverished Black boys and girls--CARES has built transformational programs in several of the most under-resourced schools located in high-need communities.
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You can save a precious life…and nourish your own. Harsh and cruel experiences have led many of our young to believe that they are alone in the world and that no one cares.

The National CARES Mentoring Movement seeks to dispel that notion by providing young African Americans and their peers with role models who will play an active role in helping to shape their development. By mentoring our young, you can help redirect the course of his or her life.

Please donate between $25 and $250 today to help ensure our young
Please join the Million Candles Super Mentors Campaign, an undertaking informed by our nation's history of Black and White abolitionists who risked their lives by placing a lit candle in their windows so that those escaping along the Underground Railroad would know they had found safe harbor.

About the National CARES Mentoring Movement

National CARES Mentoring Movement is a pioneering community-galvanizing movement dedicated to alleviating intergenerational poverty among African Americans. It offers Black children in low-income families and unstable communities the social, emotional and academic supports they need to unleash their potential and graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college or vocational-training programs and 21st-century careers. We employ two primary strategies. The proven-effective, consciousness-shifting model, ideated and built by experts over a decade, unearths hope and resilience in our young living with trauma-causing impacts of poverty—homelessness, hunger, unrelenting violence, gravely under-resourced schools and overwhelmed parents and teachers. The traumatic stress children in poverty live with fuels mental illness and physical disease, including anxiety, depression, hypertension, substance abuse, obesity, violence and also the recent spike in suicide.

A wide body of research shows that adverse childhood experiences combine with poverty to undermine children’s wellbeing and their ability to learn and thrive. They are unable to sit still and focus. Their parents, who are overstressed and struggling to make ends meet, are at risk for higher levels of depression, substance abuse and domestic violence. Black children overall are scoring the lowest in all academic, health and developmental indicators compared to their peers.

CARES’ unique, 36-week-long curricula are built to help children heal the multiple traumas of impoverishment and override their debilitating effects, which unaddressed will be life-long. CARES’ evidence-based healing initiatives unearth understanding, resilience and faith. They instill hope, critical thinking skills, racial pride, and a love for learning and wellness in mind, body and spirit. Our beloved young ones come to understand that they are greater than even their greatest challenges, authors of their futures, as they share their stories and heal together, supported by our trained psychologists, social workers and volunteer mentors in CARES’ wide-spreading Wellness Mentoring Circles. Our students and children in detention learn to transform their thinking and behaviors, how to love themselves, as well as one another, and prepare for success in school, careers and life.

One in six Black children is living in extreme poverty, which the federal government defines as a yearly household income of $12,129 or less for a family of four with two related children. CARES’ restorative initiatives are singular—they are the only holistic programmatic works being built for the advancement of impoverished Black children and parents nationally. Our curricula are easily adaptable to other ethnicities and cultures.

National CARES Mentoring Movement exists to ensure the nation’s most vulnerable population—Black children living in poverty. Their lives are being shredded by many of the very institutions created to nourish all the Black children in our country. Our more than 140,000 mentors and local CARES Affiliate Leaders across our 58 U.S. cities network are devoted to advancing our young who are isolated and mostly written off by society. We are writing them in!







How National CARES is
Changing the Lives of Our Children

Our Method

At CARES, we believe that transformation does not begin in the statehouses, but in our hearts and homes.

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Our Impact

At National CARES, our culturally anchored and trained volunteer army of mentors and affiliate leaders prove every day that mentoring saves lives.

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Our Call to Community

Forty percent of Black children are born into poverty. Eighty-six percent of our children cannot read or do math at grade level.

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Our RISING students testify about the power of our transformational programming

Our celebrities advocates issue a call to action

Moments from the 2017 Love Of Our Children Gala. Watch the 2018 Livestream at


Ford Foundation Supports National CARES

We welcome the Ford Foundation, a recent funder. On behalf of the children we serve, we are grateful and proud to announce that the Ford Foundation has included the National CARES Mentoring Movement in its worldwide portfolio, and is supporting the scaling and replication of the life-changing programmatic work for children that CARES is rooting in gravely under-resourced communities throughout the nation.



National CARES and our Atlanta CARES leadership are thrilled that the Fulton County Solicitor General has selected our Atlanta-based University for Parents (U4P) initiative as a life-transforming alternative to incarceration. This new partnership expands the reach of this innovative work, which we will replicate throughout the nation. It offers men and women arrested for non-violent crimes an opportunity to restore their lives and dignity and to join the workforce. A core challenge for many low-risk offenders after prison is economic sustainability and self-sufficiency, and so regaining financial stability is critical for parents--children's first mentors.


Teen Parents Triumph and Achieve Academic Success

We are so inspired by the outcomes at Seagull Alternative School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It's a site for pregnant and parenting youngsters and where our life-transforming program The Rising: Elevating Education, Expectations and Self-Esteem™ was initiated. It is thrilling to us all--educators, students, CARES leadership--that academic year 2016-17 evaluations show that our Rising scholars are growing strong. They have higher attendance rates, lower-than-average school drop-out rates, higher graduation rates, far fewer suspension, and more earned high school credits.